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Stichting Openluchtmuseum Het Hoogeland is the largest open-air museum in the north of the Netherlands. Since 1959, the museum collects, maintains, manages and presents a collection of buildings and objects that paint a picture of life in rural Groningen during the period from 1750-1950.

The museum is located centrally on the village mound of Warffum and takes up the centre of the village.

Open-air museum Het Hoogeland has a Board consisting of six members who meat five times a year on average. The museum has a team of seven paid employees and an employee on a special care budget and calls on a group of more than 60 volunteer employees. The museum restaurant is leased out. The museum offers work experience, placements and internships (secondary, vocational, academic and university) and return-to-work places.

The museum has the following departments: Board, Administration, Collection maintenance and management, Education, Facilities Management, Windmill Management, Reception, Technical Service, Site Maintenance and Landscaping.