Children’s parties

The open-air museum has a special package for children’s parties. Celebrate your son or daughter’s birthday with a combination of a treasure hunt, old-fashioned games and some great food and drinks.

The open-air museum considers all its visitors, including the little ones. The classroom has aprons and smocks the children may wear during the visit to the museum. The old school benches are excellent for a ‘formal’ school photo. In the Schippershoes you can take a rest in the bedstead and in Venhoes you could beat the carpet. The school yard has stilts, skipping ropes, hobby horses, a hopscotch area and hula hoops. There is a treasure hunt for children from 6-12 years of age. They can go on their own or in a group and the treasure hunt takes them past all the buildings. Those who have answered all the questions will receive a small gift from reception.

Admission fee Open-air museum € 3 per child (6-11 years)

Treasure hunt € 0.50 per form

Options in Het Spijslokaal, on the basis of your requirements:

  • Glass of Hooghoudt orangeade or lemonade with straw € 1.30
  • Bottle of lemonade with a straw € 2.10
  • Apple juice or orange juice € 2.20
  • Hot or cold chocolate drink, Fristi € 2.30
  • Profiteroles (3 per child) € 2.00
  • Petit Four (small cake) € 2.00
  • Children’s pancake with golden syrup and icing sugar € 3.50
  • Plate of fries with mayonnaise € 3.00
  • Plate of fries with mayonnaise, apple sauce and croquette or chicken nuggets € 5.00
  • Children’s ice cream with whipped cream and fruit € 3.00

You can book your children’s party without catering by calling the reception of Open-air museum Het Hoogeland on +31 (0)595-422233 or by sending an e-mail to

A children’s party with catering can be booked with museum restaurant Het Spijslokaal, tel.+31 (0)595-252160, mobile +31 (0)6-12328593 or e-mail: